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Visual Intelligence Control Center (VICC) is a platform used by businesses, municipalities, transit agencies and universities to manage situational and operational events while protecting critical assets.

GuardMe provides mobile users with simple personal security services, monitoring their progress from point A to point B while enabling immediate reporting of distress situations.

LiveVideo Broadcasting allows field personnel to broadcast live video directly to the VICC control center application suite. The application increases your surveillance coverage by making every mobile phone into a potential surveillance camera.

SEEitSENDit enables your staff, in any location, to communicate and report on events through their mobile phone. Field personnel can provide a detailed accounting of incidents, risks and suspects, inclusive of textual, visual and geographic information directly and instantly to the VICC control center application.

Dispatch enables effective communication and management of guards, maintenance or other field personnel by providing operators with simple Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) functionalities. In conjunction with the VICC control center application, operators can dispatch personnel based on their specific location and/or their particular skill set.


The Cloudscann suite of control center and mobile based applications builds a bridge
between incident detection and traditional response systems



  • Parking Enforcement
  • Field Operations
  • Asset Management


  • Parking Enforcement
  • Field Operations
  • Asset Management


  • Loss Prevention
  • Sales Engagement
  • Customer Safety

Real Estate

  • Access Control
  • Asset Management
  • Building Management


Incident Detection

Cloudscann created the required infrastructure for collecting, processing, and managing real-time information that can be used to centralize information while responding to and creating incident management strategies.

Operations Management

Understanding incidents which take place in your environment is not an easy task. Many detection systems are unable to track multiple events, and response personnel lacks awareness when arriving at the scene of incidents.

Security and Risk

Organizations have broad needs beyond security that require a situational awareness platform for effective incident management. By integrating the Cloudscann suite into your detection environment, your personnel can receive automatic alerts when a failure occurs, assuring your maintenance program runs effectively.

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